Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Visit!!!

It looks like I may not get to visit KY to celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday :( My doctor has me on pelvic rest until my next appointment to evaluate my situation.  She found a little internal bleeding on my last ultrasound (this is totally not as bad as it sounds)  I am not supposed to lift anything for a while until it heals so as long as I am careful everything should be fine.  I am sure lifting my 25 pound monster baby all the time put a little strain on me. 
So My sister called to say that she could take a vacation for July 13-20 to come for a visit!!  While on the phone with her I half jokingly told her to ask my grandmother to come with her. 

My grandmother is 81 years old and doesn't really care to travel anymore so I knew she would say no, but I just wanted to extend the invitation anyway.  Well to my pleasant surprise she said yes!!  Alan and I found round trip tickets for $100 so it was a great opportunity.  So now I have both granny and Alecia coming to visit.  Well as another afterthought I thought we should at least extend the invitation to my mom.

 Again I assumed the reply would be no since she works all the time and it is short notice for vacation.  If you know my mom she is the hardest worker you have ever seen and never ever gets to take a vacation.  Well crazy as it sounds she just happens to be off that week so she was like yes I'll come.  Then she asked if she could bring my nephew Liam with her and we were like of course.

 So I am going to have a house full that week.  And the best part is we are going to celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday while they are here. So Aaron will have all his grandparents with him on his 1st birthday!  Alan will  be in Utah for part of their visit on a trip with the youth for world changers so we will have a slumber party every night!!  Also little Liam and Aaron can have a sleepover every night for a week.  :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby #2

So we went to the Dr. yesterday for our regular appointment.  Since my uterus is tilted and in a hard to get to place the Dr. told me that she was going to send me back to have it measured so she could get to it easier in the future.  So we went back and I was pleasantly surprised to find that to do this they had to do an ultrasound!!  So the Ultrasound tech started to do the measurements and then quickly flipped on the T.V. and said oh we have to watch the baby first because it's being so cute!!  Let me tell you when they flipped on the T.V. the little baby was just flipping around and totally showing off.  Arms were flying and legs were kicking.  I may have another little show off.  It truly was amazing since every time we did an ultrasound of Aaron he seemed to be sleeping which apparently is what he did 99% of the time while in the womb.  Even now he is the best sleeper.  If the ultrasound was any clue I may be in for it with this one.  Anyway as we were watching the little baby flipped around and the legs were wide open so we tried to see what it was and we definitely saw something there.  The tech said it is to early to tell, but she would say boy if she had to guess.  We have another ultrasound at 20 weeks and will be able to tell for sure.  So if it is a boy we are thinking of Andrew Elisha Brumback!!  For a girl it was Anna Elizabeth Brumback and call her Anna Beth, but Alan likes Anna-Beth Grace Brumback so we will see!! We may have to save the girls name for another one.  The next one will be a few years into the future or we have considered adoption.  Anyway it's in God's hands and no matter what the baby is he/she is already so loved and I can't wait for Aaron to have a little playmate so close in age to grow up with!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Vacation

So last week we went on our first family vacation to the beach!!  I was so excited to go for the whole week and just hang out and relax with my two favorite guys.  I was thinking of just being lazy and relaxing.  Dinners out with all the seafood I could eat and getting a tan from laying out.  Just laying on the beach and listening to the ocean for hours.  I daydreamed about this vacation for weeks before we went.  I mean vacationing in Florida is awesome even if you already live here.... Right?....  Well did I mention this wast the first full weeks vacation with Aaron?  And did I mention he is 10 months old? 
 It's funny that while daydreaming you forget that your child is still going to get up between 6-6:30am every morning.  And well its not like you can layout because you have a baby to keep an eye on.  I did manage to get some sun between running to knock the sand from Aaron's hand before it entered his mouth at least 100 times.  As for laying there listening to the waves, well Alan and I had to take turns.  One of us would chase Aaron around and take him to play in the water while the other took 5 minutes to relax.  We thought we had it made at the pool because we could stick him in his float, but we still had to hold on to the float just in case.  Oh and since I am super paranoid about him getting sun burnt  I had to apply the SPF every 15 minutes while he kicked and screamed.  And he can only take so much of being in the sun so we limited it to an hour at a time.  Then after being on the beach we had to take him in each time, strip him down and rinse him off.  My little routine baby didn't like sleeping somewhere new and in a pack n play so he pretty much screamed his head off until I rocked him to sleep and gently laid him down and prayed he would stay asleep.  Thankfully Alan's sister let his niece stay with us for the week and she helped to keep him entertained.  If it hadn't been for her I may have thrown in the towel by day 2. 
So here is the thing about vacationing after you have kids that I have learned.  After the first couple days of shock that my idea of the perfect relaxing family vacation wore off I realized that vacationing was no longer about me.  I have had plenty of time in my life to have great times and relaxing vacations.  I have spent hours laying in the sun in my day.  I have had plenty of opportunities to sleep in and be lazy.  To Aaron this vacation was the time of his little life.  I truly believe this was the best week he has ever had in his short time.  He woke up every morning smiling because he knew that his cousin Emily was there to play all day with him.  He squealed with delight every time he saw the ocean.  He played until he literally could barely hold his eyes open.  He played with the sand and rolled it in his hand in amazement.  He hated having sunblock put on him because it took him away from the fun for a few moments.  By the 2nd day the little guy was sleeping a solid twelve hours every night and taking two unusually long naps each day because he was so exhausted from fun.  He got to taste cinnamon twirls and powdered donuts for the first time with his cousin Emily.  To Aaron this past week was non stop fun in the sun.  And when you listen to your child squealing with delight how can you be depressed that your idea of a "perfect" vacation was anything but just that....perfect. 
 I am still learning to not plan everything out in my head so much and just go with the flow.  Let things happen as they will and not to get so upset.  It's sad that so many times I get so upset about how something didn't go my way or not how I planned it.  The key words here are my and I.  I forget that it's not about me it's about Him and when I remember to understand that God makes the plans for my life and they are so much better and leave me so much happier than I could ever be on my own.  I think back to all the times I missed out on blessings and fun times because of my attitude or because something wasn't the way I wanted.  You would think that I would have learned by now. God is so faithful and as I stood holding Aaron in my arms and looking out over the amazing ocean I remembered to thank him for these moments in my life.  These absolutely precious moments that I almost lost with my ungrateful attitude.  Yes this vacation was almost more work than it was relaxing, but you have to work hard so you can play hard.  And we did just that.  I look forward to many more vacations with our growing family.