Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby #2

So we went to the Dr. yesterday for our regular appointment.  Since my uterus is tilted and in a hard to get to place the Dr. told me that she was going to send me back to have it measured so she could get to it easier in the future.  So we went back and I was pleasantly surprised to find that to do this they had to do an ultrasound!!  So the Ultrasound tech started to do the measurements and then quickly flipped on the T.V. and said oh we have to watch the baby first because it's being so cute!!  Let me tell you when they flipped on the T.V. the little baby was just flipping around and totally showing off.  Arms were flying and legs were kicking.  I may have another little show off.  It truly was amazing since every time we did an ultrasound of Aaron he seemed to be sleeping which apparently is what he did 99% of the time while in the womb.  Even now he is the best sleeper.  If the ultrasound was any clue I may be in for it with this one.  Anyway as we were watching the little baby flipped around and the legs were wide open so we tried to see what it was and we definitely saw something there.  The tech said it is to early to tell, but she would say boy if she had to guess.  We have another ultrasound at 20 weeks and will be able to tell for sure.  So if it is a boy we are thinking of Andrew Elisha Brumback!!  For a girl it was Anna Elizabeth Brumback and call her Anna Beth, but Alan likes Anna-Beth Grace Brumback so we will see!! We may have to save the girls name for another one.  The next one will be a few years into the future or we have considered adoption.  Anyway it's in God's hands and no matter what the baby is he/she is already so loved and I can't wait for Aaron to have a little playmate so close in age to grow up with!!!

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  1. I LOVE Andrew Elisha Brumback! (Elijah was our baby boy name if Olivia had been a boy...) and I LOVE Anna (any form of Elisabeth) haha! The Grace is too sweet.....

    Well if it's a busy one then you may have your work cut out for you - Ella was like that in her ultrasound - also VERY early on for us too - and she has been true to form ever since. ;) Praying for you guys! :)