Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Visit!!!

It looks like I may not get to visit KY to celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday :( My doctor has me on pelvic rest until my next appointment to evaluate my situation.  She found a little internal bleeding on my last ultrasound (this is totally not as bad as it sounds)  I am not supposed to lift anything for a while until it heals so as long as I am careful everything should be fine.  I am sure lifting my 25 pound monster baby all the time put a little strain on me. 
So My sister called to say that she could take a vacation for July 13-20 to come for a visit!!  While on the phone with her I half jokingly told her to ask my grandmother to come with her. 

My grandmother is 81 years old and doesn't really care to travel anymore so I knew she would say no, but I just wanted to extend the invitation anyway.  Well to my pleasant surprise she said yes!!  Alan and I found round trip tickets for $100 so it was a great opportunity.  So now I have both granny and Alecia coming to visit.  Well as another afterthought I thought we should at least extend the invitation to my mom.

 Again I assumed the reply would be no since she works all the time and it is short notice for vacation.  If you know my mom she is the hardest worker you have ever seen and never ever gets to take a vacation.  Well crazy as it sounds she just happens to be off that week so she was like yes I'll come.  Then she asked if she could bring my nephew Liam with her and we were like of course.

 So I am going to have a house full that week.  And the best part is we are going to celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday while they are here. So Aaron will have all his grandparents with him on his 1st birthday!  Alan will  be in Utah for part of their visit on a trip with the youth for world changers so we will have a slumber party every night!!  Also little Liam and Aaron can have a sleepover every night for a week.  :)

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  1. That's exciting that it worked out so well! I know how fun it is to have family visit :)