Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family visit!

Well the family went back to Kentucky yesterday and I am a little sad, but I believe everyone had a great visit.  Mom, Alecia, and Jayney went to the beach all day two seperate days, we went to the zoo, and on a boat ride.  Aubrey even flew in for a few days!  Our last evening was spent taking granny to see the oceon and she loved it.  I think Aaron loved it even more.  He is a little water dog.  Aaron and Liam played everyday together and every morning when Aaron saw Liam he would run over to him and lay down beside him, a couple times he tried to sit in his lap.  It was so cute.  It was so great having everyone here especially since Alan was in Utah for part of the time. This past Tuesday Alan and I had a dr.s appointment and found out everything is great.  The tear is completly healed up and God has blessed us with another another sweet little baby boy!!  His name is Andrew Elijah and I can not wait to meet him.  I hope he and Andrew can be close.  After seeing him in this ultrasound I can't wait to get my hands on him and squeeze and love him.  As I write this Aaron is standing beside me fake coughing and laughing each time.  He is getting smarter and cuter everyday!  I can not bear to cut the little guys hair.  I know it needs it, but it is just so cute. I did have Alecia trim his bangs a bit so they will stay out of his eyes. 

Some people have said I really need to cut it, but he has the rest of his life to have short hair and right now I want to save his sweet baby curls for as long as possible. 

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