Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Believe...

A friend of mine blogged about the things she believed in a recent post and it has inspired me to do the same!

I believe we are saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
I believe in Routine
I believe you have to break routine every now and then and be spontaneous.
I believe in the power of prayer
I believe the best smell in the world is pinto beans cooking and pine sol (that is another story for another day)
I believe that I am blessed far more than I deserve
I believe that God is not done with me yet
I believe that my husband is amazing
I believe that Aaron is the cutest kid ever ;)
I believe in forgiving
I believe in spanking
I believe God cares about everything going on in my life no matter how insignificant I think it is.
I believe in spending time alone with God
I believe in reading the Bible
I believe I am not defined by being a wife and mom or friend or sister. 
I believe I need to pray more, read my Bible more and listen to God more.
I believe even on your worst days you should still thank God because there is always someone somewhere who would trade places with you.
I believe in eating dinner together as a family every night
I believe in turning your cell phone off during important family time
I believe that as a parent you are setting an example to your child and that it's not what you say it's what you do.
I believe in vacations

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jackson's Orchard

So as it gets closer to fall I am slightly sad to read the posts of my Kentucky friends who are starting to feel that familiar little chill in the air.  The weeks just as summer draws to a close and the leaves start to fall of f the trees are my absolute favorite.  I love the feeling of turning your air off and opening your windows.  I love the smell of warm spice candles and the scent of pine sol after spending the day cleaning.  All of these smells smell so much crisper and better when there is a chill in the air.  One of my favorite months is October.  I love Jackson's Orchard in October.  I took Aaron there last year for some pictures in his overalls and I am sighing a little that this year we won't be able to do the same. 

I love overalls in the fall.  Aaron would love Jackson's Orchard this time.  He is just old enough to run around like crazy and look at all of the animals.  The biggest thing I miss about Kentucky is the seasons.  You actually get to feel each one.  When you just get tired of one another comes along to enjoy.  In Kentucky you may complain that it is just too hot, but it never lasts that long really, and then you get to slowly slip into winter.  *sigh* Maybe one day this week I will turn the air down just a little to get the feel of a slight chill and clean all morning (with pine sol ;) and then bake an apple pie in the afternoon. I'll dress Aaron in some overalls and put on some jeans and a long sleeve shirt.   Yes Florida has it's advantages and I wouldn't trade this move for anything, but it's this time of year that I get that slight familiar ache for a nice cool day and a warm cup of spiced tea. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Letter to my Aaron!!

Today I am writing a letter to Aaron on my blog.  I am not great with keeping this blog thing up to date, but Aaron is so active that when I do get time to actually write there is always something else that needs to be done.  I wanted to make sure I get this down while it is fresh on my mind.

Dear Aaron,
Today we went to the Zoo with some friends and I wanted to write this letter to you to tell you about your little one year old self.  Where do I begin.  Let's just say I had to lay on the couch for an hour  before I could right this after our crazy time this morning because you once again wore me slick out.  I know everyone says their kids are so active and have way too much energy, but you my dear take the cake.  I have spent my life babysitting and dealing with my fair share of children, and nothing could have prepared me for you. You are a little firecracker and one of the most independant kids I have ever met.  Why would you want to be strolled around in your stroller to look at the animals at a leisurly pace when you can get down and run like a little monkey all over the place?  What? There is a gate or sign that says do not enter? Who cares you can't read so it must not mean you.  :) You ran all over the place until your cute little face was beet red and your hair was soaked with sweat.  By the time we got to the splash pad (Which you love) you were one dirty dirty little baby.  I really wanted to just sit in the shade with all of the other mommies and have a nice adult conversation while all of our children ran around in the water, but you had other plans.  Instead of staying in the nice area you have to run over to the dirt or run down the walkway back to the zoo, or over to the eating area.  You have no limits my dear and I am left to chase after you and pick you back up kicking an screaming to play with the other kids.  The world is like a giant exciting place for you and if you could run around all day long with no restrictions you would.  So after I took all I could I packed you up and put you in
the car to go home.  No sooner than we were out of the zoo area you were fast asleep.  I took you in and put you in your crib where you will probably be for the next 2-3 hours.  I know I probably sound like you make me absolutely crazy and lets face it some days you do, but I wouldn't change you for anything or any other one year old in the world.  Even though you wear me out I love that you have so much energy and are so fascinated with everything around you.  You remind me why I married your daddy.  Yes my son you are just like him.  Some days he wears me out because he loves to be doing things all the time, but just like you I wouldn't change him for anything either.  I love my two little firecrackers, but I do hope that maybe little Andrew will be a little more laid back like his mommy.  I can't imagine having three Alan's to chase around!  I seriously may go insane next year.  But if God so chooses to bless me with another he will also give me what I need to make it through and it's because of this I know it will all work out.  And I guess if nothing else it will help me to get back into shape!!! So as I end this letter to you my sweet sweet baby, I thank God for your energy and zest for life!!! I thank God for everything about you.  You are wonderfully made and push me to be a better mommy and to get out and be active and do fun things with you!! I wouldn't trade a minute of our morning today and tomorrow we will go on a play date at the pool!!  I love you!