Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jackson's Orchard

So as it gets closer to fall I am slightly sad to read the posts of my Kentucky friends who are starting to feel that familiar little chill in the air.  The weeks just as summer draws to a close and the leaves start to fall of f the trees are my absolute favorite.  I love the feeling of turning your air off and opening your windows.  I love the smell of warm spice candles and the scent of pine sol after spending the day cleaning.  All of these smells smell so much crisper and better when there is a chill in the air.  One of my favorite months is October.  I love Jackson's Orchard in October.  I took Aaron there last year for some pictures in his overalls and I am sighing a little that this year we won't be able to do the same. 

I love overalls in the fall.  Aaron would love Jackson's Orchard this time.  He is just old enough to run around like crazy and look at all of the animals.  The biggest thing I miss about Kentucky is the seasons.  You actually get to feel each one.  When you just get tired of one another comes along to enjoy.  In Kentucky you may complain that it is just too hot, but it never lasts that long really, and then you get to slowly slip into winter.  *sigh* Maybe one day this week I will turn the air down just a little to get the feel of a slight chill and clean all morning (with pine sol ;) and then bake an apple pie in the afternoon. I'll dress Aaron in some overalls and put on some jeans and a long sleeve shirt.   Yes Florida has it's advantages and I wouldn't trade this move for anything, but it's this time of year that I get that slight familiar ache for a nice cool day and a warm cup of spiced tea. 

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  1. April, I have lived here in FL 30 years now, and I still miss the seasons!!! The only way that I notice Fall is here, is that the sun comes in the window at a different slant than in the summer....
    I LOVE fall, and all the things that go with that season.... and I love reading your blog!