Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pinto beans and Pine Sol

Nothing can take me back to my childhood quicker than the smell of pinto beans cooking on the stove and a freshly mopped kitchen floor with pine sol.  First I will let you in on a glimpse into my past as a little girl.  I grew up in a single parent home and was the oldest of four.  We lived in a nice little trailer park and our trailer #122 was all the way at the end of the street on the last block.  I walked to school every morning as a child.  My elementary school was right next to our neighborhood.  My mom worked very hard and for a while went back to school to get her associates degree in small business management.  Being the young single parent of four children all pretty close together in age can make anyone crazy.  Some days I find it hard to manage one let alone four.  I remember having a lot of responsibility since I was the oldest.  I would go to the grocery often since it was close and I was always the babysitter.  I helped around the trailer as much as I could or had to.  I also made extra money by babysitting and mowing yards.  Our trailer was pretty small and with four kids and a working mother you can imagine how messy it could get.  I remember dreading comming home most days because I would have to clean my room or do other chores instead of meeting my friends at the park to play basket ball or baseball. It seemed like there was always some unwanted responsibility that awaited me and I always took my time walking home. 
Then there were the days when I would be at the end of the street and smell pinto beans and pine sol :) to me that smell meant that everything in the world was right.  That smell meant that today was going to be not just a good day, but the best day.  That smell meant that my granny and aunt Dianne had came and cleaned our trailer and cooked us dinner.  That smell meant that my mom was in a great mood and I could just be a little girl without a care in the world.  For that evening and maybe even a day or two following I could relax and just be me.   Those were my favorite days as a kid.  At my wedding shower my Aunt Dianne showed up with a basket with pinto beans and pine sol in it and immediatly tears sprang to my eyes. Of course I had to tell the story and I couldn't do so without crying.  It's really crazy I havn't smelled those two smells together  in years.  In fact I havn't ever cooked pinto beans since Alan and I have been together.  I have mopped the floors in pine sol though. It is amazing how certain smells can whisk you away to places you have forgotten.  They can take you back in time for a moment.  God has brought me a long way from my childhood.  I wouldn't change a thing about my life.  I have often questioned situations and trials, but looking back God was there teaching me and shaping me!!  I think that if my life would have been too easy then I would miss out on a lot of blessings and wouldn't be appreciative of the little things like the smell of pinto beans and pine sol.


  1. I love learning more about you and your life, April! PineSol brings me RIGHT back to my childhood too - that's what mom used. I can remember the brown laminate kitchen floor...the mustard & ivory laminate in our bathrooms....and the way PineSol took over the house on Saturday mornings. :) Of course...that also meant that we were cleaning BUT I do know how to clean a house, so something good came out of it, right? :)

  2. Such a great "write", April. Pine Sol has always been used in my home and often I would feel as tho I had overdosed on the stuff!!! You are a blessing to us and we love learning more about your family. Love.