Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving day 2010

Today is Thanksgiving and I am a little sad that Alan is not with us to share in the day. What I love most about Thanksgiving is that for that one day the world just kinda shuts down (for the most part).  It's a day where you can wake up and be lazy and not worry about visitors or phone calls (unless it's family of course).  A day when you can cook all of your favorite foods and eat until your about to pop and just relax and watch sports on TV.  It's like a family cave day for me!!  There's no work to run to or places to go.  It's way better than just a typical day off like a Saturday when you always have things to do or errands to run.  I do miss not having Alan here, but I sincerely am thankful for who God is molding him to be.  I think it is absolutely awesome that today he is in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and helping and telling people about Jesus.  So if he is not with me then I wouldn't want him any other place in the world than where he is right now.  And for that I am so very Thankful.  I am thankful for the grace of God and that he sent His son to die on a cross!!  I am so very thankful that God put Alan and I together and gave us Aaron and Andrew!!  His love is so overwhelming sometimes.  I think that I often don't reflect on my blessings enough.  It's easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to take a moment everyday and realize how amazing God is.  So I know it's Thanksgiving day and not New Years, but I am going to try to remember from this day forward each morning to wake up and first thing just take a second to say thank you! Just a simple acknowledgement of thankfulness for all God has done.  So when Aaron wakes up at the crack of dawn crying and I feel like I just need one more hour of sleep or there is a list of things a mile long I am going to just close my eyes for a second and say Thank you God!!!  I'll close with something a very good friend said the other day:  God is sufficient in the good times as well as the bad. When he answers our prayers the way we hoped or even if he doesn't answer them the way we want He is still sufficient.  His way is always the best way.  And even when we don't understand we can always trust in Him!!  :) So today I am thankful in the good times as well as the bad because I can rest in knowing that God's grace is sufficient!!!

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