Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall is in the air!!

It's that time of year once again where I can start to fill the crispness of fall in the air! I even shut off the air and opened the windows the other day.  By mid afternoon I began to rethink my decision, but refused to give in.  I long for pinto beans, pin sol, and scented candles.  A clean house is so much nicer in fall than any other time of the year :)  I have tickets to go to KY and stay with my grandmother next week!!! I can't wait for Jackson's orchard and fried apple pies!!  I also can't wait for a big pot of pinto beans and corn bread :) I don't ask for much :) I have overalls for the boys and am so excited about taking pumpkin pictures! Me and the boys will be flying in on Tuesday!  I am sure being on an airplane by myself with a 2 year old and 9 month old will be loads of fun.  I will be packing lots of snacks, stickers, and crayons.  I will also be praying we will get a row to ourselves in the back!  I am sure no one will want to sit with us! ha ha.  I would hate it if it were a full flight.  So excited to hang out with my sweet granny and see my mom and family!! Kentucky here we come :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aaron's first day of Preschool!

Yesterday was Aaron's first day of preschool!! I decided to put him in two mornings a week!! He loves it and was so excited to go on his first day.  When I picked him up the teacher met me at the door and said she had to tell me something.  At first I was like "oh no", but she just had to let me know that another child had bitten him on the finger :(  All the way home he kept telling me about getting bitten and showing me his finger.  I thought I would be sad to see him go and in a way I am because I am getting a small glimpse into the future when I have to send him to kindergarten.  It was nice also to get to spend some one on one time with Andrew. 

This is a picture of him telling me he wanted cookies for lunch and then laughing because he knew it was a joke :)
Your next sweet little bunny!!! I can't believe Andrew will be one in December! He is still sooo stinking sweet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 months!!

Andrew is 6 months old today!!  Wow 6 months of changing two sets of diapers, wiping 2 noses, breastfeeding, and getting up around 2am every night.  There are days that just drag on and on and I wonder if they will ever end.  Then there are moments like right now when I look back and think where did the last 6 months go.  Andrew can now sit up by himself and get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  He is so close to just taking off.  Andrew is the sweetest, easiest baby.  He is such a cuddle bunny.  I can't wait to show him and Aaron off on our next trip to Kentucky!!  Andrew thinks Aaron is so funny.  Everytime he sees Aaron he just jumps and grabs for him and gets so excited when Aaron talks to him.  Andrew's 6 month appointment is in a few weeks.  Last app. he weighed 19 pounds.  I am sure he is over 20 now.  The closer our trip to KY get the more homesick I become.  I get a little sad that my family and friends back home can't be around for all of those special moments.  I am also so thankful God has blessed us with such a wonderful church family.  I really have come to love our church more and more the longer we are here.  I pray this is where God has us for many many years to come!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our new house!!

So Alan and I have made the big plunge and are finally buying our first home!!  We have been renting for over a year and a half and have finally found the house we want!  I am so excited.  It's four bedrooms, 2500 sq, feet, 3 full bathrooms, a open split floor plan with an extra room off to the side in the front of the house.  We are still deciding weather to make it a family/play room or an office.  We will probably turn it into a play room for now.  It is absolutely beautiful on the inside and has a very large screened in back porch perfect for entertaining.  God has truly blessed us here in Florida and I am so excited to move in. We will close the first week in August!!  I will post pictures of the inside soon after!! I will have a guest bedroom and bathroom ready for visitors so come on down!! The beach is a very easy 45 min drive away!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 2011 Letter to my boys!!

Aaron is now 22 months and Andrew will be 5 months next week!! I love these boys so much!! I am amazed at how much Aaron love his baby brother and how sweet he is to him.  I am sure there will be many days in their future where they will argue, but right now Aaron absolutely loves Andrew and Andrew thinks Aaron is the funniest thing ever!
Aaron loves to talk to Andrew, most of the time I am not exactly sure what they are talking about, but it is so cute!  When Andrew starts crying Aaron will run to him and pat him or come and get me and say "Mama, baby cry"
Dear Andrew,
You are almost five months old and you have blessed our lives more than I can say!! You are such a sweet good natured baby!! You are so content and you love to be cuddled and talked to.  You love Aaron so much and have started grabbing for him when he is around.  Just the other day you started rolling from your back to your stomach and as of today you are rolling all around the floor and trying to army crawl.  I can tell that soon there will be no stopping you!!  You sleep around 12 hours each night and wake up once or twice to nurse still.  You take 2 big naps each day and I have started cutting out your evening cat nap.  I go next week for your next appointment and I am sure you will weigh at least 20 pounds.  Andrew I love you so much and pray that you will do great things for God someday!! I pray that He will save you and you will follow him all the days of your life. 

Dear Aaron,
Aaron Aaron Aaron....Oh how you test my patience on a daily basis!! You are my little stubborn one.  It's your way or the highway on everything.  I am still learning you and haven't quite figured you out ;)  You are a very imaginative little boy!  You love to pretend you are a frog or little baby.  You are very smart and if I give in on anything you expect no less in the future ha ha!  You must be going all the time.  You love the zoo and the playground and want to just run free anywhere you are.  I love how you look at the one big playground where you are the prince!!  I absolutely can not wait to sign you up for tee ball!! Aaron I love you so very much and even when you test my patience and I need a break from you I always miss you the second I am gone.  I love it when I come back from grocery shopping or when you are at Nana and Grand-daddies and when you see me you give me a big hug.....I love your hugs!! They are the best!  Aaron I pray that you will always seek God's will in your life!! I pray that he will save you and you will always be as adventurous as you are now, and at the same time I pray for your protection!!

I love both of you so much!! Love your Mom!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This year was our first Easter here in Florida!! Last year Aaron and I were in Kentucky! Easter is my favorite holiday!!  The only thing Aaron understands is that he got to spend time with friends and family and decorate eggs and hunt them, but as he gets older he will know the true meaning.  Easter is the day Christians everywhere celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!!!! Thank you God for sending your son to die on a cross....not only to die for but to take the place of me on that cross.  Christ died so that our sins would be forgiven.  I never tire of hearing that and I still get teary eyed thinking of it. 
 I spent Easter Sunday in the nursery with my little snuggle bunny, Andrew.  All 18 pounds of him.  He is so sweet.  I just got back from taking him to the dr.  His nose is really stuffy.  Apparently once your little one has RSV, they can remain stuffy for a while.  I just have to keep him propped up all the time.  So my sleep filled nights have once again turned into sleepless nights.  But thats part of it. 

After church we went to a friends house where we decorated eggs, hunted them, ate and let Aaron run wild for the afternoon.  He had sooo much fun.  Of course he had to try the vinegar water out even though I repeatedly told him not to drink it, but thats a boy for you.

Even baby Andrew was exhausted that afternoon.  He is still the sweetest baby ever!!! Aaron is all boy and runs around like a wild man.  I am sure Andrew will be there soon enough, but I am enjoying his cuddly little sweetness right now.  Oh how I wish I could freeze this moment and bring it out every now and then in the years to come.  I love my sweet sweet boys and am so blessed. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's Who?

It is amazing how much Aaron looks like me and Andrew looks like Alan.  I just thought I would post a few pictures of us when we were babies side by side with the boys so you could see how much we look alike!

These are pictures of me at one and Aaron at one!

The next two are of Alan and Andrew as newborns! Alan weighed 10.10 and Andrew weighed 9.2

The next two are of me and Aaron before we left the hospital at only 2 days old!

The last two are of Alan and Andrew at a few weeks old!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is my fat and happy exclusively breastfed 3 month old.  The child weighs over 16 pounds!!!  I am in no way wanting to brag about the fact that I am breastfeeding because I can so well remember all the trouble I had doing it for three and a half months with Aaron the first time around. Breastfeeding will totally make you question yourself and can bring you to a very low place in the beginning if you don't have the right kind of support and knowledge. And even with the right support and knowledge it can still bring you to tears on many occasions.   Most women dream about nursing their babies for a year and daydream about how natural and easy it is.  Well ladies I am here to say it is anything but easy.  As those of you who have tried it know it is one of the hardest things we as women have to do.  Most women never make it past a couple of weeks and I will say here no matter how long you did it any amount of time deserves a big congratulations.  Don't knock yourself for quitting.  Breastfeeding is not for everyone and there are many medical and work related reasons that some can not do it. I supplemented with Aaron the whole time.  And it's OK my only point is to raise awareness since I think it has in many years past become a taboo topic.   I believe that in today's society it is not pushed enough and there is a great lack of support and really not a lot of knowledge about the benefits or the how to.  No your child doesn't leap from your womb and immediately and perfectly latch on and begin drinking ounces and ounces of rich warm milk.  Maybe this happened for a very few and to those women I say you may never know how blessed you are.  Breastfeeding is a commitment and one of the greatest things you can do for you baby!!  If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed please please take a class or two.  Or three or four.  Also Make sure you know someone who has done it for at least 6 months.  The support and help this friend can offer is priceless.  After birth make sure you do not leave the hospital without talking to the free lactation consultant, even if you think the baby is nursing perfectly it never hurts to have someone consult with you. And I stress the word FREE.  After you are home it can cost a lot of quarters to seek advice. 
Well now that I gave my little breastfeeding speech you may wonder does it get easier and the answer is a big YES!!!!  It's just like with anything in life you have to put forth the effort and hard work to reap the benefits.  The first few weeks are the worst and even for a couple of months you will find yourself having mini breakdowns.  It's hard being your babies only source of nutrition.  But I assure you if you stick it out through the rough parts you will come to a point where your baby will go longer periods between feedings and he/she will nurse alot quicker.  For example Andrew is 3 months and nurses every 3-3 1/2 hours for 15-20min total.  He sleeps from 8-7 at night and nurses once or twice in that period.  Now all babies are different and some may still nurse more often.  There is no normal when it comes to breastfeeding.
Lastly I want to close with this thought given to me by a sweet lady back home named Mrs. Sheeley:  Breasts......If you ever wondered what they are there for, now you know.  God designed the body so perfectly and so amazingly!!  Each women's breast milk is perfectly designed for her baby and it changes as the baby grows to meet his/her needs.  Even when your baby gets sick your milk will change to meet his needs.  I found this out when Andrew got RSV.  My milk turned extremely thin and water like and my doctor told me it was because Andrew was congested and my body knew to produce thinner milk.  Hello!!  Those of you who do not believe in God ....well explain that one please.  And there are so many more examples, in fact I love this topic so much I may blog about more of them next time.  God is sooooo AMAZING!!!
PS: Breastfeeding is one of the strongest tests of faith for a women....Yes FAITH it was very hard to swallow when I first heard this, but so true!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Andrew Elijah Brumback

So life has been crazy the past couple months and if I thought I didn't have time to blog before well now I am thinking my once a month blogs are going to move to every 2 or 3 months. Ha!  So let me introduce you to my reason for this lack of time:  Andrew Elijah Brumback was born December 28th at 7:49pm and weighed in at a whopping 9pounds and 2 ounces and was 22 inches long.  I am writing this blog on the eve of his 2 month check up. I am interested to see just what the little chunker will weigh in at tomorrow.  he weighed 11.9 at his one month check up.  What can I say about this sweet little baby?  How can I express just how much I love him?  Just when you think you can never love another baby the way you love your first born, God stretches your heart even more and this little guy fits right in with our happy little family.  Andrew has light red hair and a chunky little body that I just want to squeeze every second that I can!  He is a very good baby and is extremely laid back as long as he is fed!  I wondered how Aaron would react to having a new baby brother and he loves him so much.  It's like Christmas morning every time Aaron sees him each day!  He pats him and kisses him and is very quick to tell me when Andrew is crying.  He stands in front of him and entertains him when Andrew is in his bouncy.  I pray that they will always be close. Just as I pray for Aaron I have so easily added this little guy into my prayers.  I pray that they both put their faith in Jesus Christ and live their lives for Him!  I can see a crazy mischievous ride in my future with these two and I am adding in those extra prayers for their safety! ;)  Andrew started smiling when he was only four weeks old and he is such a little cuddle bunny!  I so enjoy our night time nursing sessions.  After he is done he curls right into me and I hold him close and know that this will all be gone so fast.  I try so hard to just live in the moment with them! I feel like I want to freeze certain moments and just keep them forever.  At the same time I look forward to their future!  I can't wait for ball games and school plays and and all those other crazy things that will make my life so chaotic when the time comes.  I hope to look back over my blogs on those crazy days and remember how fast it all goes.  I went to a pastor's conference last month and at the women's conference there was a speaker who has four children.  She said that she gets so tired sometimes of just running the kids here and there and the chores and lack of sleep and just day to day things she has to do with being a mom of four children.  She says when she gets really tired she reminds herself that she will one day have the ultimate rest in Heaven with Jesus!  I began to think when she said that and I think a lot of us, especially moms get so tired of the day to day things and it gets hard and tiring with kids and you just pray for rest.  God hears our prayers and just as the speaker said one day that prayer will be answered ultimately.  So I say this to myself when I get frustrated or tired.  It is only for such a little while. The house does not have to be spotless and the dinners do not have to be gourmet, But on the other end we shouldn't live in squaller holler (as my mom or grandma once said) or eat McDonalds every night. Because friends we aren't really here that long and the day of rest is just around the corner so we should try to live each day to the best of our ability and thank God for the very breath he allows us to have and definitely if you have a chunky baby make sure you squeeze him ;)