Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Andrew Elijah Brumback

So life has been crazy the past couple months and if I thought I didn't have time to blog before well now I am thinking my once a month blogs are going to move to every 2 or 3 months. Ha!  So let me introduce you to my reason for this lack of time:  Andrew Elijah Brumback was born December 28th at 7:49pm and weighed in at a whopping 9pounds and 2 ounces and was 22 inches long.  I am writing this blog on the eve of his 2 month check up. I am interested to see just what the little chunker will weigh in at tomorrow.  he weighed 11.9 at his one month check up.  What can I say about this sweet little baby?  How can I express just how much I love him?  Just when you think you can never love another baby the way you love your first born, God stretches your heart even more and this little guy fits right in with our happy little family.  Andrew has light red hair and a chunky little body that I just want to squeeze every second that I can!  He is a very good baby and is extremely laid back as long as he is fed!  I wondered how Aaron would react to having a new baby brother and he loves him so much.  It's like Christmas morning every time Aaron sees him each day!  He pats him and kisses him and is very quick to tell me when Andrew is crying.  He stands in front of him and entertains him when Andrew is in his bouncy.  I pray that they will always be close. Just as I pray for Aaron I have so easily added this little guy into my prayers.  I pray that they both put their faith in Jesus Christ and live their lives for Him!  I can see a crazy mischievous ride in my future with these two and I am adding in those extra prayers for their safety! ;)  Andrew started smiling when he was only four weeks old and he is such a little cuddle bunny!  I so enjoy our night time nursing sessions.  After he is done he curls right into me and I hold him close and know that this will all be gone so fast.  I try so hard to just live in the moment with them! I feel like I want to freeze certain moments and just keep them forever.  At the same time I look forward to their future!  I can't wait for ball games and school plays and and all those other crazy things that will make my life so chaotic when the time comes.  I hope to look back over my blogs on those crazy days and remember how fast it all goes.  I went to a pastor's conference last month and at the women's conference there was a speaker who has four children.  She said that she gets so tired sometimes of just running the kids here and there and the chores and lack of sleep and just day to day things she has to do with being a mom of four children.  She says when she gets really tired she reminds herself that she will one day have the ultimate rest in Heaven with Jesus!  I began to think when she said that and I think a lot of us, especially moms get so tired of the day to day things and it gets hard and tiring with kids and you just pray for rest.  God hears our prayers and just as the speaker said one day that prayer will be answered ultimately.  So I say this to myself when I get frustrated or tired.  It is only for such a little while. The house does not have to be spotless and the dinners do not have to be gourmet, But on the other end we shouldn't live in squaller holler (as my mom or grandma once said) or eat McDonalds every night. Because friends we aren't really here that long and the day of rest is just around the corner so we should try to live each day to the best of our ability and thank God for the very breath he allows us to have and definitely if you have a chunky baby make sure you squeeze him ;) 

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