Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is my fat and happy exclusively breastfed 3 month old.  The child weighs over 16 pounds!!!  I am in no way wanting to brag about the fact that I am breastfeeding because I can so well remember all the trouble I had doing it for three and a half months with Aaron the first time around. Breastfeeding will totally make you question yourself and can bring you to a very low place in the beginning if you don't have the right kind of support and knowledge. And even with the right support and knowledge it can still bring you to tears on many occasions.   Most women dream about nursing their babies for a year and daydream about how natural and easy it is.  Well ladies I am here to say it is anything but easy.  As those of you who have tried it know it is one of the hardest things we as women have to do.  Most women never make it past a couple of weeks and I will say here no matter how long you did it any amount of time deserves a big congratulations.  Don't knock yourself for quitting.  Breastfeeding is not for everyone and there are many medical and work related reasons that some can not do it. I supplemented with Aaron the whole time.  And it's OK my only point is to raise awareness since I think it has in many years past become a taboo topic.   I believe that in today's society it is not pushed enough and there is a great lack of support and really not a lot of knowledge about the benefits or the how to.  No your child doesn't leap from your womb and immediately and perfectly latch on and begin drinking ounces and ounces of rich warm milk.  Maybe this happened for a very few and to those women I say you may never know how blessed you are.  Breastfeeding is a commitment and one of the greatest things you can do for you baby!!  If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed please please take a class or two.  Or three or four.  Also Make sure you know someone who has done it for at least 6 months.  The support and help this friend can offer is priceless.  After birth make sure you do not leave the hospital without talking to the free lactation consultant, even if you think the baby is nursing perfectly it never hurts to have someone consult with you. And I stress the word FREE.  After you are home it can cost a lot of quarters to seek advice. 
Well now that I gave my little breastfeeding speech you may wonder does it get easier and the answer is a big YES!!!!  It's just like with anything in life you have to put forth the effort and hard work to reap the benefits.  The first few weeks are the worst and even for a couple of months you will find yourself having mini breakdowns.  It's hard being your babies only source of nutrition.  But I assure you if you stick it out through the rough parts you will come to a point where your baby will go longer periods between feedings and he/she will nurse alot quicker.  For example Andrew is 3 months and nurses every 3-3 1/2 hours for 15-20min total.  He sleeps from 8-7 at night and nurses once or twice in that period.  Now all babies are different and some may still nurse more often.  There is no normal when it comes to breastfeeding.
Lastly I want to close with this thought given to me by a sweet lady back home named Mrs. Sheeley:  Breasts......If you ever wondered what they are there for, now you know.  God designed the body so perfectly and so amazingly!!  Each women's breast milk is perfectly designed for her baby and it changes as the baby grows to meet his/her needs.  Even when your baby gets sick your milk will change to meet his needs.  I found this out when Andrew got RSV.  My milk turned extremely thin and water like and my doctor told me it was because Andrew was congested and my body knew to produce thinner milk.  Hello!!  Those of you who do not believe in God ....well explain that one please.  And there are so many more examples, in fact I love this topic so much I may blog about more of them next time.  God is sooooo AMAZING!!!
PS: Breastfeeding is one of the strongest tests of faith for a women....Yes FAITH it was very hard to swallow when I first heard this, but so true!

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  1. I have lots of funny stories about breastfeeding ! I have 3 children all of whom were breastfed. The Lord blesssed me with I shall say a very healthy milk supply and well sometimes when my little ones would decide to come off I would keep goin if ya know what I mean. Well one time I was at church sitting next to my mother in law. I was nursing joshua (my second child) when he decided he wanted to come off and look around .....well I squirted all over my poor mother in laws opened bible ! I had an extremely hard time breastfeeding my first child but by the third one I could literally do it in my sleep LOL.