Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This year was our first Easter here in Florida!! Last year Aaron and I were in Kentucky! Easter is my favorite holiday!!  The only thing Aaron understands is that he got to spend time with friends and family and decorate eggs and hunt them, but as he gets older he will know the true meaning.  Easter is the day Christians everywhere celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!!!! Thank you God for sending your son to die on a cross....not only to die for but to take the place of me on that cross.  Christ died so that our sins would be forgiven.  I never tire of hearing that and I still get teary eyed thinking of it. 
 I spent Easter Sunday in the nursery with my little snuggle bunny, Andrew.  All 18 pounds of him.  He is so sweet.  I just got back from taking him to the dr.  His nose is really stuffy.  Apparently once your little one has RSV, they can remain stuffy for a while.  I just have to keep him propped up all the time.  So my sleep filled nights have once again turned into sleepless nights.  But thats part of it. 

After church we went to a friends house where we decorated eggs, hunted them, ate and let Aaron run wild for the afternoon.  He had sooo much fun.  Of course he had to try the vinegar water out even though I repeatedly told him not to drink it, but thats a boy for you.

Even baby Andrew was exhausted that afternoon.  He is still the sweetest baby ever!!! Aaron is all boy and runs around like a wild man.  I am sure Andrew will be there soon enough, but I am enjoying his cuddly little sweetness right now.  Oh how I wish I could freeze this moment and bring it out every now and then in the years to come.  I love my sweet sweet boys and am so blessed. 

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