Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 2011 Letter to my boys!!

Aaron is now 22 months and Andrew will be 5 months next week!! I love these boys so much!! I am amazed at how much Aaron love his baby brother and how sweet he is to him.  I am sure there will be many days in their future where they will argue, but right now Aaron absolutely loves Andrew and Andrew thinks Aaron is the funniest thing ever!
Aaron loves to talk to Andrew, most of the time I am not exactly sure what they are talking about, but it is so cute!  When Andrew starts crying Aaron will run to him and pat him or come and get me and say "Mama, baby cry"
Dear Andrew,
You are almost five months old and you have blessed our lives more than I can say!! You are such a sweet good natured baby!! You are so content and you love to be cuddled and talked to.  You love Aaron so much and have started grabbing for him when he is around.  Just the other day you started rolling from your back to your stomach and as of today you are rolling all around the floor and trying to army crawl.  I can tell that soon there will be no stopping you!!  You sleep around 12 hours each night and wake up once or twice to nurse still.  You take 2 big naps each day and I have started cutting out your evening cat nap.  I go next week for your next appointment and I am sure you will weigh at least 20 pounds.  Andrew I love you so much and pray that you will do great things for God someday!! I pray that He will save you and you will follow him all the days of your life. 

Dear Aaron,
Aaron Aaron Aaron....Oh how you test my patience on a daily basis!! You are my little stubborn one.  It's your way or the highway on everything.  I am still learning you and haven't quite figured you out ;)  You are a very imaginative little boy!  You love to pretend you are a frog or little baby.  You are very smart and if I give in on anything you expect no less in the future ha ha!  You must be going all the time.  You love the zoo and the playground and want to just run free anywhere you are.  I love how you look at the one big playground where you are the prince!!  I absolutely can not wait to sign you up for tee ball!! Aaron I love you so very much and even when you test my patience and I need a break from you I always miss you the second I am gone.  I love it when I come back from grocery shopping or when you are at Nana and Grand-daddies and when you see me you give me a big hug.....I love your hugs!! They are the best!  Aaron I pray that you will always seek God's will in your life!! I pray that he will save you and you will always be as adventurous as you are now, and at the same time I pray for your protection!!

I love both of you so much!! Love your Mom!

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